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Honor Killings and the world

In recent years honor killing has been committed in several countries including Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, Germany, Brazil, Jordon, Uganda, Morocco, Ecuador and Palestine. Cases of honor killing have also been reported within Sikh and Muslim communities in United States and Europe.

According to a report submitted to United States Commission on Human Rights 2002 it has been stated that in Jordon and Syria, law can be interpreted as allowing male relatives to kill the female relatives under honor killing. Morocco and Hiatus allows men to kill their wives only. In Pakistan honor killing is considered a crime but is still practiced on a large scale and is usually ignored by the local police.

The UN statistics for 1997 show that more than 1000 women were murdered in Pakistan in name of honor killings. 400 were killed in Yemen, 52 in Egypt and about 30 in Jordan.

Pakistan has a highest record of honor crimes. Human rights activists estimated that about 3 women are killed everyday. Just 1% of perpetrators are punished. Mostly the punishment is of six months imprisonment.

Amnesty International reported that a woman was beheaded because a love song was dedicated to her on a radio. In another case, a man murdered his wife because of the dream he had in which she has betrayed him.


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