Full name: Tran Thi Kim Thanh

Family: Two older brothers, and a younger sister.

Birthplace: Ha-Tien, Vietnam

Birthdate: Libra and Horse

Education: 2nd year at the America's first all-women institution, double major in International Relations with focus on South East Asian Development and in Spanish.

Thank you for allowing me to show you my secret garden, my world. Please read on to know where I am from and where I am at and where I will be one day!


It is quite self-explantory from the above box on my "general" information. However, just for fun let me just elaborate further for you. I was born in Ha-Tien, Vietnam. Ha-Tien is a small rural yet very beautiful province in the souther tip of Vietnam. It was name after (according to my mother) many angels came down from the above and visited the province. Yes, you can say very back in the old mythical days. But hey, that sound good to me. Hence, Ha-Tien is know to have many exotic and breathtaking views of the ocean and the lands to a lot of native Vietnamese and a lot of visiting foreigners.



 I am the 3rd born in the family. I have two older brothers, their names are Quy and Quoc-Dung, respectively. Both are happily married. (And so I guess the next filial burden lies on me. Any takers???) I also have a younger sister name Kim-Thao. She's the most philosophical person I know. And I love to carry long hours-nigh and day-conversations with her over life, love, and the need for social development and changes. I have to admit that once we are both together, it is hard for us to shut our mind! Love you sister.

My dad came from a family of 7 siblings, all boys. Wow! I feel the pains that my paternal grandma has to go through. Gee. He is a very wise wise man. He lives very simple, not wanting any social life. He is very oriented in Confucius-Buddhist belief. Yupe, I rub those off him a lot of time. My dad does not speak often, but once he speaks it seem that the world need to listen to his intelligent words.

Like my dad, my mom came from a family of 7 siblings also. She's the oldest in the family. And when my maternal grandpa dies at early age, she was the one who took over the family! Go 'ma! She's cooks the most delicious gourmet ever. That's including vegetarian (for me and my sister) and "meaty" meals. One thing I find funny about her is that she would get offended if you do not go for second at meal because she would think that you would not appreciate her cooking. Hmm, "like water for chocolate" eh? I can understand that I bit.

Currently, I am a 2nd year college student at Mount Holyoke College (MHC). Eeek! I just decided to make Spanish my second major rather than my minor. Oh boy! The loads of works I have to do...But I know that it will pays off in the future. My first major is International Relations with the focus in South East Asian Development. You ask, what is International Relations( IR)? And where will I go with it? In brief, IR is a study of understanding and negotiation between countries. You know, relations but internationally. Hopefully, with this major, I will go into the United Nations to work in the Development Field. Or I can even go into law school. *crossing my fingers* Naaay, I need no doubts, I will get there!

Next academic year, I hope to be spending my two semesters abroad. In the Fall '00, I will be in Seville, Spain and in the Spring '01, I will be in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. To think of it, I am a little nervous about going abroad because I have never left this country, the United States for the past 14 years. Personally, I will have to face a lot of challenges both in Spain and in Vietnam. But hey! I only live once, challenge is good for my soul! It will give me the opportunity to see if how self-motivated and independent I will be. I can't wait...

[I did it! Here are my personal reflections on my trips abroad]

My passion in life? Hmm, I will have to take up your life to tell you mine...j/k. Here's an overview: Honestly, I give myself many, many options. I love to open doors after doors to see my full capability and use all my potential in order to find my one true self. And at the moment I am still on the path of looking for that so-called perfect one. Nevertheless, to see beyond my college years, right now undergraduate and eventually Ph.D graduate, I really want to 1. aid all under developed countries, preferably in the South East Asia regions, and help build medical and official infrastructure (because we really lack it now!) 2. make a lot of money and become a philantrophist. Yeah, if I have all the luck and win all the "dough", I will not forget those in needs. 3. somewhat similar to #2, I want to be one of those "big people" in New York's Wall Street. Gosh, the excitement!

Lastly, I say that I live a fast-pace life. I do not like to be idle. It make me feel worthless. My life is ever-changing and I think I am ready to accept and to adapt to those changes, for the good and the bad, anytime and anyplace.


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