Dear Sister:

Tears and Laughs

See the rapid changes before our eyes

Fear the minutes pass before our eyes

Laughs and Tears

Those long hours we conversed

Getting deep within each of our soul

Dear Sister,

Boys confusing

Life frustrating

Passion seeking

Who we are?

Where we be?

Tears, laughs and laughs, Tears

Dear Sister.

-(TTKT, 4/11/00) 



Daag, look at tthose innocent face. I was about 10; Thao was 8.

Okay, I have to admit, Thao and I love to strike a pose. And this is one of it! Awww, the sparkling pearl smiles. I was about 14; Thao was 12.

Me and Thao during Vietnamese New Year (Te^'t) in 1995. Gee, check out those bangs... :) I was 17, Thao 15.

Back stage passes to Lam Nhat Tien's Concert at Wentworth Insitute of Technology. I was 19; Thao was 17.

Long night after Asian prom dancing and we still look sassy! We amaze ourselves sometime! I was 20; Thao was 18.



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