Amy Cattley Rock

Dr. Amy Cattley Rock

Dr. Amy Cattley Rock was the first female board-certified physician in Maine. She specialized in obstetrics and gynecology and was known as a caring and compassionate healthcare provider.

After graduating from Mount Hoyoke, Rock earned her medical degree from the New York University School of Medicine. "She was an amazing woman who worked her way through Mount Holyoke and medical school," says one of her granddaughters, Charlene Noll ’94. "She personified all that MHC stands for in the lives of its students."

After marrying in 1944, Amy Rock and her husband, Dr. Daniel Rock, set up practice in Lewiston, Maine, where she enjoyed a long and fulfilling career. After retiring from active practice, Rock continued to employ her medical knowledge and her gift of compassion to assist women, by helping the state of Maine to establish its first family planning center.

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Mount Holyoke College

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