Anne W. Armstrong

Anne W. Armstrong

Born in 1872, Anne Armstrong was a prominent novelist and businesswoman, known particularly for her book This Day and Time, which portrays rural life in an Appalachian community. She spent much of her life in the southeastern United States before and after her education at Mount Holyoke.

After graduating, Armstrong went on to hold several positions in business management. She also became the first woman to lecture at Harvard and Dartmouth’s schools of business. When she retired in the late 1920s, she began writing an autobiography of her experiences.

In addition to novels, Anne also wrote articles for national publications. These mainly focus on the role of women in business during her time, and they express her appreciation of the gradual acceptance of women in business positions and her hopes for what they can accomplish. Her accomplishments as a businesswoman, author, and university lecturer are remarkable for her time—a time when few women rose to prominence in these fields.

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Mount Holyoke College

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