Gabrielle Gregg

Gabrielle Gregg

“I’m just trying to change the world one fat girl at a time,” wrote Gabi Gregg in the Young, Fat, and Fabulous blog she’s been churning out since graduation. She is determined to make a difference in the lives of disenfranchised women everywhere: “girls like me—the ones who are so in love with an industry [fashion] that is, well, not so in love with us.”

At 24, Gregg has already graced the cover of Black Enterprise magazine, been quoted in the New York Times, and appeared on Good Morning America. And in 2010, she won a national, online contest to become MTV’s first “TJ”—Twitter jockey—a post that came with a $100,000 contract.

Gregg’s triumph of self-acceptance is all the more remarkable when you consider that she once hated shopping and tried dozens of diets in high school. How did she manage to defy the body myth (the idea that our worth as a person is tied to our appearance)? She was probably born resilient, says her mother. And Gregg adds that “being in an all-women’s environment empowered me. I didn’t to go class worrying about my body or what I was wearing.”

She also credits social media with helping her meet other “fatshionistas” online.  “I became convinced I didn’t have to be the fat girl who wore oversized tees and sweats to cover up my body.”

Today, she oozes urban chic and spreads the gospel of self-acceptance and love of to-die-for style both online and in person.

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