Jade McCarthy

Jade McCarthy

Jade McCarthy made news as the first female sports reporter in the history of Philadelphia’s major TV networks when she joined the sports team at NBC-10 in 2005. She was already a seasoned broadcast journalist, having worked at other television stations as a news reporter, weekend anchor, and sports reporter since even before graduating from college.

At Philadelphia’s NBC-10 station WCAU, she hit her stride as a sportscaster, winning numerous sports Emmy awards for her work. McCarthy’s career started at WGGB in Springfield, Massachusetts, and has taken her as far afield as WAFF, the NBC affiliate in Huntsville, Alabama.

McCarthy has had a lifelong passion for sports and knows her stuff. “Once you prove that you know what you’re talking about, and you can do the job, people embrace you,” she says. Baseball is her oldest love of the big four sports, though McCarthy has covered them all with aplomb. She understands the intensity of sports fans—the sleepless nights during the playoffs, the never-ending conversations about every move the team makes. “For me it makes the job all the more exciting,” McCarthy says.

McCarthy grew up near Boston, a city known for its sports mania, and brought that fervor for the home teams with her in 2010, when she became an anchor and reporter for the New England Sports Network. She left NESN the following year, returning to Philadelphia.

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Mount Holyoke College

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