Lynn Pasquerella

Lynn Pasquerella

At her 2010 inauguration as Mount Holyoke’s eighteenth president, Lynn Pasquerella was greeted like a rock star. “Lynn! Lynn!,” the crowd cheered, welcoming the teacher, scholar, administrator, and advocate for women’s education back to the place where her passion for women’s issues flowered.

Working full-time to support herself all through college—first at Quinebaug Valley Community College and then at Mount Holyoke—she graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa in 1980. Later came a Ph.D. in philosophy from Brown and a 25-year academic career in philosophy, specializing in medical ethics and the philosophy of law.

Pasquerella also worked her way up the higher education administrative hierarchy, serving at the University of Rhode Island and at the University of Hartford, where she was provost and chief academic officer.

Pasquerella also eagerly steps outside the academic world to spark conversations and take action regarding women’s empowerment around the globe. For example, she leads a continuing project in which students and professors from the U.S. work with Africans to improve access to food, water, jobs, and other basic needs in Kenya.

In Pasquerella, Mount Holyoke has found a president who leads with an understanding of its history, an appreciation of its traditions, and a passion to bring forth the best it has to offer for many years to come.

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