Margaret Claytor Woodbury

Margaret Claytor Woodbury

Margaret ("Meg") Claytor Woodbury is a retired physician and assistant professor of internal medicine at the University of Michigan. She is also the former project director of the Health Careers Opportunity Program/AIMED at the University of Michigan Medical School, an initiative formed to promote diversity in the health professions by assisting and encouraging students to pursue medical careers. She earned an M.D. from Meharry Medical College.

Woodbury joined the University of Michigan in 1969. Until her retirement in 2002, she provided mentorship to a generation of medical students and served as a role model, supporter, and advocate for minority students.

Margaret Claytor Woodbury ’58 let nothing keep her from achieving her dreams. She graduated from high school in 1954, the year of Brown v. Board of Education. Prior to Mount Holyoke, she said, "my whole education was in a segregated school system." Mount Holyoke, she said, "was an enormous change. But I really grew in the environment. There were very few African American students. . . . I was just open and made a number of friends who are still my friends today."

Woodbury is a former president of the Mount Holyoke College Alumnae Association. In 1982, she was awarded the Alumnae Association Medal of Honor for her outstanding service to the College. She served on the Mount Holyoke College Board of Trustees from 1985 to 1997.

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