Robin Chemers Neustein

Robin Chemers Neustein

Robin Neustein has risen to the top of a competitive field—investment banking. And while achieving this uncommon success, she has also fostered a commitment to academia, the arts, and nonprofit organizations.

After earning her bachelor’s degree, a J.D., and an M.B.A., Neustein knew what she was looking for: a job in investment banking. Having no connections with firms in New York City, she began cold-calling the city's top firms to ask for employment. Goldman Sachs put her to work.

After joining the firm in 1982, the “explosively talented” and ambitious Neustein quickly made it clear to executives at Goldman that she was a valuable asset. Undaunted by hard work or long hours, Neustein was a general partner in the firm by 1990. In 2002 she was made a senior director, a position she continues to hold. She was a member of the firm’s management, operating, and partnership committees, the key governance bodies, held line positions in multiple operating divisions, and was the firm’s chief of staff.

She is also a founding partner of Circle Financial Group, a peer-to-peer wealth management group run solely by and for women.

For many, great success within the financial sector might be the ultimate attainment. But Neustein makes time for more. She has served on the boards of trustees at Mount Holyoke and Brown, and she is a trustee at Northwestern and Mount Sinai Medical School. She is president emerita of American Ballet Theatre, a founder of Lightfighter Trust, an organization supporting research on combat traumas and a trustee at Rockefeller University.

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Mount Holyoke College

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