MHC and the South Hadley Community

Things To Do

  • Art Museum
    Free and open to the public. The Mount Holyoke Art Museum holds over 15,000 pieces of work in the permanent collection.
  • Athletics and Fitness
    Many of the College's athletics programs, facilities, and events are open to South Hadley residents.
  • Botanic Garden
    The Botanic Garden encompasses the Mount Holyoke College campus, including an arboretum and numerous gardens, as well as the Talcott Greenhouse. Self-guided tours of the greenhouse are free and open to the public. The spring flower show, attracting hundreds of visitors each year, is scheduled to run between March 5th and March 20th.
  • Lectures and Events
    Members of the community are welcome to attend lectures, cultural events, concerts, film screenings, and other activities.
  • Religious and Spiritual Life
    Eliot House is the center of spiritual life at Mount Holyoke College.
  • Skinner Museum
    Administered by the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, the Skinner Museum features the collections of Joseph Skinner. Free and open to the public.

Educational Opportunities and Programs

  • Conferences
    Information about this year’s summer conferences can be found on the Conference and Event Services website.
  • Degree Programs
    Mount Holyoke's primary degree is the bachelor of arts. In addition, the College offers dual-degree programs, a master of arts in psychology, and other programs.
  • Graduate Programs
    Mount Holyoke offers programs leading to a master's degree. For more information, visit the graduate programs website.
  • The Gorse Children's Center
    Located at 27 Morgan Street, the Gorse Children's Study Center is composed of two different programs. More information about their programs and enrollment can be found on their website.
  • Williston and Miles-Smith Libraries
    South Hadley residents are welcome to use the College libraries. For hours and more information, visit the Library, Information, & Technology Services (LITS) website.

Community Involvement

Involvement in the community is a long-standing tradition at Mount Holyoke. Some students work for nonprofit community service organizations, while others tutor and mentor children at local schools. Students also volunteer at nursing homes, local YMCAs, and other organizations. In addition, College programs, such as the Community-Based Learning Program (CBL) and the student organization Creating Awareness and Unity for Social Equality (CAUSE), foster community service opportunities.