Computers and Technology

Mount Holyoke is a leader in integrating technology throughout academic and cocurricular life.

At Mount Holyoke, every student room in the residences is wired for Internet access. Each residence hall has a computer lab, and there are specialized computer labs in academic buildings. Wireless hotpoints are located across the campus, in the library, a majority of the residence halls, the Science Center, the Blanchard Campus Center, and many of the administrative buildings and dining areas.

The Information Commons, located in a bright, open space adjoining the library, features:

  • more than 40 high-end computers
  • a staffed Diagnostic Center
  • standing-level stations for quick checks of email
  • collaborative workstations with large-format plasma screens
  • wireless access for laptop users
  • peer support for student Web and multimedia products
  • both Macintosh and Windows computers

Library, Information, and Technology Services (LITS) offers tech workshops including Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Refworks, iMovie, PowerPoint, and thesis production, as well as multiple Web design classes.

MHC has over 350 computers in public spaces and residence hall clusters across campus; all student rooms have Internet access.

Students using the computer
Students using the computer