Role Specification

As part of the presidential selection process, the Role Specification is now available. This document reflects a shared understanding of what the Board of Trustees are seeking in the next president of the College. In keeping with the Board’s commitment to an inclusive, transparent presidential selection process, the Role Specification reflects feedback from faculty, students, staff and alumnae in the Mount Holyoke community regarding the leadership qualities needed to address the College’s future challenges and opportunities.

The Role Specification was created based on campus meetings with faculty, staff, students and alumnae, as well as from the results of an online questionnaire. Campus information-gathering sessions led by Karena Strella ’90, a vice-chair of the Board, with Board members Mindy McWilliams Lewis ’75 and Jennie Berkson ’76, resulted in more than 100 campus constituents attending on-campus meetings on February 8 and 9, 2018. More than 3,000 people responded to the online survey, including approximately 2,320 alumnae, 430 students, 100 faculty and 200 staff.

Beverly Daniel Tatum, Ph.D. was on campus the week of March 5 to begin her independent assessment of the acting president’s candidacy against the criteria outlined in the Role Specification. In addition, Dr. Tatum conducted a number of phone interviews during the week of March 12 and sought feedback from Mount Holyoke constituents through an online survey, which closed on March 14.

As Dr. Tatum indicated in her Feb. 21 letter to the community, she will analyze and summarize the results of her assessment without the involvement of campus employees or trustees, in order to ensure confidentiality. Dr. Tatum’s written, confidential report to the Board will not make any specific attributions to any of the respondents. Before the end of the spring semester, the Board will report back to the Mount Holyoke community on the candidacy of the acting president, and whether or not the Board will move to a national search.