South Hadley and the Region

The Pioneer Valley (see resources) is one of New England's most beautiful and intellectually vibrant locations. The valley's unique character draws upon the cultural, social, and academic presence of the Five College Community as well as the spectacular setting of the Connecticut River amid the hilly terrain of western Massachusetts.

South Hadley, Mount Holyoke's home since 1837, is a charming New England town with roots going back to pre-Revolutionary times. Across the street from the main campus, the Village Commons (shown below) is home to a variety of retail boutiques, several restaurants, a coffeehouse, a first-run movie theater, and the renowned Odyssey Bookshop.

Just a few miles away, Skinner Park offers spectacular views of the valley and the Connecticut River's famous oxbow from atop Mount Holyoke, the mountain for which the College was named.

Village Commons courtyard is located across from Mount Holyoke College.
The Village Commons is located across from Mount Holyoke College.