Academics at Mount Holyoke

Mount Holyoke exists to open minds. It’s where you explore new ideas, let your imagination run wild, debate vigorously and have the freedom to examine any topic or issue — no matter how controversial or polarizing. And like the brave, bold women who have come before you, we promise you this: After four years, everything will be different — including you.

Our philosophy is simple. You’ll join smart, talented and opinionated students from all over the world (2,208 from 45 states and 78 countries). Each arrives with divergent ideas, beliefs and worldviews. Together, in small classes led by award-winning professors, you will debate and discuss, challenging your classmates and yourself. With 48 majors and hundreds of courses to choose from, Mount Holyoke gives you the opportunity to discover your passion — and go after it.

Along the way, you will be pushed to think critically and become a fearless advocate for yourself and what you believe in. And when you graduate, you’ll be prepared to not just face change, but to lead it.