Events for Spring 2014

 Black History Month, February 2014 

Events for Spring 2013

U.S. Elections and the African Diaspora

Panelists: Professors Christopher Tinson, Amy Jordan, and Lucas Wilson and Moderated by Professor Preston Smith
4:30, Monday, November 12, 2012
Cassani Lounge 

Hollywood Insolence: Black Women and the Movies

by Professor Gayle Pemberton
Africana Forum Series
4:30, Monday, February 18th
Betty Shabazz

From Patient: A Medical Journal

by Bettina Judd
Africana Forum Series
4:30, Wednesday, March 13th
Kendade Hall 305

Africana Studies Department Tea

4:30, Tuesday, April 2
Cassani Lounge

Latin American Racial Intimacies: Africanity, Browning, and Whitening

by Kym Morrison
Africana Forum Series
4:30, Tuesday, April 9th
Cassani Lounge, Shattuck Hall

Black Migration Stories

by African American & African Studies 395 Independent Study Students
Africana Forum Series
4:30, Thursday, April 25th
Kendade 305

African American Museum Trip

Boston, Massachusetts
March 29, 2013