Professor of Politics; Chair of Africana Studies
214 Shattuck Hall
Tuesday and Thursday, 4:00-5:30
Chair and Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology

Patricia Ann Banks is a sociologist of culture who studies art patronage and the art market. In her book Represent: Art and Identity Among the Black Upper-Middle Class (Routledge 2010) she traverses the New York and Atlanta art worlds to uncover how black identities are cultivated through black art patronage. Her current research addresses topics such as the market for contemporary African art, e-commerce in the art market, and patronage at African American museums.

114B Porter Hall
Monday 12:20-1:00pm

Kimberly Juanita Brown

Assistant Professor of English
108 Shattuck Hall
By appointment only

Kim Yi Dionne

Five College Assistant Professor of Government
209 Shattuck Hall
By appointment only
Associate Professor of Psychology and Education; Associate Professor of Gender Studies
311 Reese Psych-Education Building
By appointment only

Bernard Forjwuor

Mount Holyoke College Fellow and Visiting Lecturer of Politics
305 Skinner Hall
By appointment only
Image of Samba Gadjigo
Professor of French

Samba Gadjigo's research focuses on French-speaking Africa, particularly the work of filmmaker Ousmane Sembene. In 2001, Gadjigo was instrumental in bringing the Senegalese filmmaker to MHC for screenings and discussions of his work.

Ciruti Center 227
By appointment only
Holly Hanson
Co-Chair of the Development Studies Nexus, Professor of History and Africana studies, on leave spring 2016

Holly Hanson is a social historian of Africa whose research and publications focus on Uganda. Her interests include the history of democracy and political accountability in East Africa over the last five hundred years, land tenure, the role of farming in building prosperous communities, and economic history. Many of her classes incorporate community-based learning opportunities with recently resettled African immigrant in the area and "Education and Capacity in African History includes a collaboration with the Springfield Renaissance School.

314 Skinner Hall
On leave spring 2016
Alumnae Foundation Chair in English
112 and 204 Shattuck Hall
By appointment only
Lynda Morgan
Professor of History, Member of the Africana Studies Program

Lynda Morgan's research interests center around 19th century African-American history, including slavery, the Civil War, emancipation, and Reconstruction. As a social historian, she places the experiences of groups of people at center stage, linked to political and economic history. Recently Morgan became interested in the reparations movement and its history, which has taken her into the 20th and 21st centuries. She is also interested in the free African-American population in the antebellum North, the history of segregation, the role of violence against African-Americans, and the abolition movement.

208 Skinner Hall
By appointment only
Professor Dorothy Mosby
Professor of Spanish, Latina/o, and Latin American Studies

Dorothy E. Mosby is the author of Place, Language, and Identity in Afro-Costa Rican Literature (University of Missouri Press, 2003), which explores contemporary black writing from Costa Rica. Mosby has taught Afra-Hispanic Literature: Black Women's Writing from the Spanish-Speaking World (a January Term intensive, taught in English); Introduction to Latin American Literature I; and Colonial and Nineteenth-Century Latin American Literature.

221A Ciruti Center
On Leave Spring 2106
Olabode Festus Omojola in front of a tree in spring
Five College Professor of Music - Ethnomusicology, African Music

Olabode Omojola teaches ethnomusicology, with special interests in the music of African and African Diaspora communities. As an ethnomusicologist, Omojola’s research employs ethnographic fieldwork methods in the process of understanding how music is conceptualized, practiced and interpreted within their cultural contexts; the relationships between music and social life; the roles of individual musicians and groups as culture producers; and how musical traditions reflect and respond to changes within a society, including those occasioned by global forces.

213 Pratt Hall
By appointment only
Lucia, Ruth and Elizabeth MacGregor Professor of English

Donald Weber specializes in American literature and culture; ethnic studies; film; politics and literature.

112 and 312 Shattuck Hall
By appointment only
Associate Professor of Africana Studies and Economics

Lucas Wilson focuses much of his work on the philosophy and methodology of economics, Marxism, the political economy of race, and exploring the various economic and noneconomic conditions that restrict opportunities and inhibit social progress for African-Americans.

114 Skinner Hall
By Appointment Only


Holly J. Sharac

Academic Department Coordinator

Holly Sharac is the Academic Department Coordinator for the History Department and the Program in Africana Studies. She is in charge of daily operations on the third floor of Skinner and organizes the annual Lax Memorial Lecture, puts together course schedules, prepares on-line catalog copy, as well as, the student award applications, and thesis submissions.

309 Skinner Hall
Academic Year: Monday-Thursday 8:00am-3:00pm; Friday 8:00am-12:00pm