We offer a wide range of anthropology courses, mainly in the subfield of cultural anthropology.  Courses required for the major include introduction to cultural anthropology, research methods, the development of anthropological  (or sociological) thought, and contemporary anthropolocial theory.  Five College courses in cultural anthropology, anthropolocial archaeology, and physical anthropology can also be counted toward the anthropology major at Mount Holyoke.

Many course are taught on an alternating-year schedule; among our regularly offered courses are:

200-level (intermediate) courses

  • Anthropology and Human Rights:  Between Devil's Advocate and Rights Advocacy
  • Anthropology of Modern Japan
  • Anthropology of Play
  • Anthropology of Food
  • Collecting the Past:  Art and Artifacts of the Ancient Americas
  • Development of Anthropological Thought
  • Feminist Health Politics
  • Global Health and Humanitarianism
  • Language in Culture and Society
  • Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion
  • Medical Anthropology
  • Peoples & Cultures of Indigenous Australia
  • Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology
  • Risk
  • Shopping and Swapping:  Cultures of Consumption and Exchange
  • Visual Anthropology

300-level (advanced seminars)

  • Anthropology of Reproduction
  • Ethnographies of Law
  • Issues in Contemporary Theory
  • Anthropology in/of Museums
  • Science as Culture
  • Space, Place, and Way-Finding

First-Year Students

The department strongly suggests that first-year students take Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ANTHR 105) before enrolling in 200 and 300 level courses

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