New Visions Research Grant

This small grant competition is designed to support the costs of independent research in anthropology or independent research in sociology by students majoring in Sociology or Anthropology. Modest awards of up to a couple hundred dollars — depending on the scope of the project — can be used to supplement travel expenses, purchase supplies or apps necessary for the project, or support other research-related expenses.


  • You are a sophomore, junior or senior who has declared a major in Sociology or Anthropology
  • Your proposed research will take place in the context of a 295 or 395 independent study
  • Your proposed research will be supervised by a faculty member in Sociology or Anthropology
  • You have secured the permission of your faculty supervisor and consulted with that person to plan the project and get feedback on your application
  • You need to submit an application

This is a small grants pool. Most awards will be under $100. If the amount is over $100, a faculty committee will meet to decide the amount of the award. Grants will be announced within two weeks or so after the application deadline. Students who wish to apply should submit a New Visions Research Grant Application.

You will need to upload the following with your application:

  • a 2-page description of the proposed project, along with a 1-page bibliography, that defines the topic and describes both the importance of the research for the student's program of study and the uses to which the grant would be put; 
  • a transcript (an unofficial transcript is sufficient); 
  • an itemized budget and budget justification, specifying whether you will use Lynk funding for this project and what other sources of funding you have applied for or received.
  • Send an email of your intent to Michelle Pietras, Department Coordinator at

If you have questions, please consult your faculty supervisor, advisor or the department chair.