Presentations by Debbora Battaglia, Ph.D.

Keynote Addresses

(2013) “Epistemic Warming and Cosmic Diplomacy” Sawyer Seminar, University of California at Davis. Anthropocenography: On the Coming Cosmopolitical War. (Marisol de la Cadena and Mario Blaser, convenors) June 3-5.

(2012) “Writing Outer Space” The Worlding, Writing Project: Arts of Non-Sovereignty. Conference on Rolling the Dice: The Art of Chance. University of Chicago. February 12-15.

(2012) “Space Futures in Ethnographic Perspective” – Keynote Discussant. Conference on Envisioning Limits: Outer Space and the End of Utopia. Freie Universität Berlin. April 19-21.

(2010) “Earthling No More” Conference on Nature-Culture: AAA Society for Cultural Anthropology. Santa Fe, New Mexico, May 7-9.

(2009) “Perspectival Anthropology” – Keynote Discussant. IT University of Copenhagen Conference on Comparative Relativism. September 4-6.

(2006) “Writing Fluid Ethnography” Keynote paper for conference on Con/Texts of Invention. Case Western University, April 15-17.

(2005) “Ethnography Between the Lines” Keynote paper. Conference on Description and Creativity: Approaches to Collaboration and Value from Anthropology, Science, and Technology. Cambridge University, Cambridge, England, July 3-6.

(2004) “Human Cloning and Post-Apocalyptic Personhood” Keynote paper for the European Molecular Biology Organization conference on Science and Society: Time & Aging – Mechanisms and Meanings, Heidelberg, Germany, November 6-7, 2004.

(2003) “Invitations to Abduction: Technoscience Spirituality, The Media, and G.S. Peirce” Keynote paper for the Cornell - St. Andrews University Knowledge Exchange Conference, Cornell University, September 7, 2003.

(2003) “Technoscience Spirituality: An Invitation to Abduction in a New Key” Keynote address for the Association for Social Anthropology Decennial Meetings, Plenary Session, Manchester, England, July 21, 2003.

(1998) “Ethnomathematics and Ideology” Keynote Address for Mathematics Across The Curriculum conference, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, July 1998.