All courses are designed to contribute in various ways to the College’s Learning Goals and the Anthropology Department's Learning Goals.

The Anthropology Major

The major in anthropology exposes students to a variety of cultures and to the many different topics, theories, and methods of the field. It requires a minimum of 32 credits in anthropology, with 12 of those taken at the 300 level.

Required courses:

105 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
235 Development of Anthropological Thought (or Sociology 223)
275 Doing Ethnography: Research Methods in Anthropology
350 Issues in Contemporary Anthropological Theory
One cultural area course

Please note - the cultural area requirement can be fulfilled in various ways: 

1. an area course in anthropology
2. studies abroad
3. foreign language through two semesters at the intermediate level
4. an area course in another discipline.

Only option 1 (area course in anthropology) provides academic credit towards the major.  The others satisfy the cultural area requirement and perhaps credit towards graduation but not credit toward the 32 required for the major.

Discuss your options in advance with your advisor to be sure credit will transfer.  A signed permission form will also be required for the Registrar's Office.

The Anthropology Minor

The anthropology minor requires a minimum of 16 credits in anthropology beyond the 100 level, and at least 4 credits at the 300 level.

See the Anthropology chapter of the course catalog for detailed information on requirements for the major and minor.

Independent Study and Honors Work

For information on Independent Study and Honors work please see our guidelines.