Research by Debbora Battaglia, Ph.D.


Science/religion/media networks, theorizing ethnographic practice, person/self/identity theory, expressive culture, gender politics and poetics
Area specialties: Melanesia, North American public culture, cyber-communities

Courses: Cultural Identities/Differences, Discourses of the Sacred, Performing Culture, Visualizing Culture, Materializing Culture, Cultural Responses to Mortality, Social Process in Oceania, Introduction to Anthropology


Multi-Site Ethnography: Quebec, East Coast United States, Internet, August 2001 to the present. The Raelian Movement. Faith-based science and personhood, in a new religious movement.

Papua New Guinea (Milne Bay Province and Port Moresby): Long-term and intermittent, June l976-1987). Sabarl Island, Urban Trobrianders in Port Moresby: personhood, the ethnography of loss, cultural identity, aesthetics of productive social action.

Elmdon, England: July l975 - January l976). Village/Hamlet identity.


Five College Fortieth Anniversary Professor 

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship

National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship


Books and Monographs

(2012) Battaglia, Debbora, Valentine, David, Olson, Valerie, eds. Extreme: Humans at Home in the Cosmos. Special Issue: Anthropological Quarterly. Fall Issue, October, 2012.

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(l986) Bringing "Home" to Moresby: Urban Gardening and Ethnic Pride among Trobrianders in the National Capital.  Special Publication no.ll. Port Moresby: Institute for Applied Social and Economic Research

Peer Review Articles/Chapters  (selected)

(forthcoming), (2015), Flying with Plants:  An Ethics in Suspension.  Social Studies of Science.>

(2015) Battaglia, D., Valentine, D. and Olson, V. Relational Space:  An Earthly Installation.  Cultural Anthropology 30.2: May Issue.

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Comparison in Melanesia
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Massim Exchange
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Keynote Addresses, Public Talks and Installations

(2015) "Flying With Plants" Public Talk.  Miami, Florida.  Cannonball Arts Organization.  November 17.
(2014) "Out of the Box: A Cosmology" Installation of ethnographic objects (material, textual and sound-based) produced for the workshop The Comedy of Things, organized by Morten Axel Pedersen and Morten Nielsen, Denmark, September 2014.  For exhibition at the Natural History Museum, Oslo, Norway.  With Alberto Corsin-Jimenez, Kasper Jelsbech Knudsen, Trine Mygind Korsby, Rane Willerslev. 

Keynote Addresses

(2013) “Epistemic Warming and Cosmic Diplomacy” Sawyer Seminar, University of California at Davis. Anthropocenography: On the Coming Cosmopolitical War. (Marisol de la Cadena and Mario Blaser, convenors) June 3-5.

(2012) “Writing Outer Space” The Worlding, Writing Project: Arts of Non-Sovereignty. Conference on Rolling the Dice: The Art of Chance. University of Chicago. February 12-15.

(2012) “Space Futures in Ethnographic Perspective” – Keynote Discussant. Conference on Envisioning Limits: Outer Space and the End of Utopia. Freie Universität Berlin. April 19-21.

(2010) “Earthling No More” Conference on Nature-Culture: AAA Society for Cultural Anthropology. Santa Fe, New Mexico, May 7-9.

(2009) “Perspectival Anthropology” – Keynote Discussant. IT University of Copenhagen Conference on Comparative Relativism. September 4-6.

(2006) “Writing Fluid Ethnography” Keynote paper for a conference on Con/Texts of Invention. Case Western University, April 15-17.

(2005) “Ethnography Between the Lines” Keynote paper. Conference on Description and Creativity: Approaches to Collaboration and Value from Anthropology, Science, and Technology. Cambridge University, Cambridge, England, July 3-6.

(2004) “Human Cloning and Post-Apocalyptic Personhood” Keynote paper for the European Molecular Biology Organization conference on Science and Society: Time & Aging – Mechanisms and Meanings, Heidelberg, Germany, November 6-7, 2004.

(2003) “Invitations to Abduction: Technoscience Spirituality, The Media, and G.S. Peirce” Keynote paper for the Cornell - St. Andrews University Knowledge Exchange Conference, Cornell University, September 7, 2003.

(2003) “Technoscience Spirituality: An Invitation to Abduction in a New Key” Keynote address for the Association for Social Anthropology Decennial Meetings, Plenary Session, Manchester, England, July 21, 2003.

(1998) “Ethnomathematics and Ideology” Keynote Address for Mathematics Across The Curriculum conference, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, July 1998.