Michael T. Davis

Professor of Art History; Chair of Architectural Studies

Michael Davis teaches courses on the art of the Middle Ages, the arts of Islam, and modern architecture. His research centers on French Gothic architecture including Notre-Dame, Paris and the cathedrals of Clermont-Ferrand and Limoges. Recently, he has been reconstructing lost buildings in medieval Paris (early video). Used in his seminars on Paris, these projects actively engage students in the evaluation of evidence, medieval design techniques, and the use of digital media.

Michael T. Davis Chair of Architectural Studies, Professor of Art History

Naomi Darling

Five College Associate Professor of Sustainable Architecture; on leave 2020-2021

Naomi Darling teaches design studio courses with a sustainable lens at Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Naomi is a principal at Naomi Darling Architecture, LLC, a full-service architectural practice based in Amherst, Massachusetts, and New Haven, Connecticut. The firm aims to produce socially responsible and environmentally conscious projects at all scales in terms of size, time and permanence, with a special consideration of site and place. Current projects include a park in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, several residential projects, and Nitobe Memorial Hall, a museum, library and community center in Sapporo, Japan.

Professor Darling in front of snowy trees

Jessica Maier

Associate Professor of Art History; on leave 2020-2021

Jessica Maier’s research focuses on early modern maps and prints. Her book, “Rome Measured and Imagined: Early Modern Maps of the Eternal City,” was published in 2015, and her articles have appeared in The Art Bulletin, Renaissance Quarterly and other journals. Maier is a fellow of the American Academy in Rome. At Mount Holyoke, she teaches Renaissance and Baroque art and architecture with an eye to global interactions.

 Jessica Maier Assistant Professor of Art History

Brian Schumacher

Visiting Lecturer in Architectural Studies

Ajay J. Sinha

Professor of Art History

Ajay Sinha teaches the history of Asian art at various levels, and seminars on Indian photography and Indian film. In his classes, students explore how the visual arts in India, China, Japan and other Asian countries reflect political and social formations and embody cultural values, and make visible the historical connections between local cultures and global networks both past and present, and between religious beliefs and secular life. He has published books and scholarly journal articles on the art and architecture of ancient India, and modern and contemporary art of South Asia including photography and film. Sinha is also a member of the Asian studies and film studies programs.

 Ajay J. Sinha Professor of Art History


Melissa Burke

Academic Department Coordinator
Melissa Burke