Students who elect to major in architectural studies in the Department of Art and Art History should select an advisor who will assist them in mapping a program of study. The program must be outlined in writing and submitted for approval to the advisor during the semester in which the student declares her major in architectural studies. The program may, of course, be revised with the advisor’s approval.

Architectural Studies Major

The major in architectural studies consists of 44 credits in art history, studio art, design studio, and related fields of study. Design studio courses may be taken not only at Mount Holyoke but also at Smith College, Hampshire College, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Students may also enroll in courses outside the Five Colleges, but should first consult with their advisor and the department chair to determine if the courses meet departmental criteria for the major. See the Architectural Studies chapter of the course catalog for detailed information on requirements for the major.

Architectural Studies Minor

The minor requires a minimum of 16 credits, including courses in art studio, architectural design, and art history. Specific information on requirements for the minor can be found in the Architectural Studies chapter of the course catalog. Architectural studies majors may not minor in art history or studio art.