The Art History Lynk: Classroom to Career

Beyond the Gates

Alumnae of the Art History program have taken many career paths. Some are currently pursuing graduate degrees, others work in museums and universities, and many have found that the skills they learned as Art History majors have transferred into a variety of careers.

Lyndsey Ingram standing in front of a painting
Lyndsey Ingram '2001: my internship was the most meaningful and significant thing that happened at the start of my career.
Black and white photo of Grace Ehlers '11 wearing a sweater.
Grace Ehlers '11: At work I synthesize/contextualize material, historical, financial and cultural sets of information into one reference point every day.
Alessandra Hickson
Alessandra Hickson '09: When I went to graduate school to pursue a career in journalism, my knowledge of art and film helped me in my reporting.