The Classroom Experience

Mount Holyoke’s Department of Art History offers courses in all eras of art history, including the arts and architecture of Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. 

The Lure of the Past: Collecting Antiquity
Collecting Antiquity, Seminar in Ancient Art: This seminar studies the collecting and display of Greek and Roman objects from antiquity to the present.
Honoré Daumier, Vous raisonnez comme une canne!
Learn about art’s relationship to violent political revolution, dramatic industrial change, widespread social unrest and the birth of modern mass culture.
Un Bar aux Folies-Bergère, By Édouard Manet
An overview of European and American art from the Renaissance to the present.
Sebastian Muenster, Map of the New World, 1540
This course explores cross-cultural encounters far beyond the confines of Europe.
Inside Art (ARTH-110)
A seminar that introduces students to art history through the Art Museum.
Art History's History of Photography Course
Tinker with old cameras, handle early daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes, and study photographs from the museum’s huge collection.