Mount Holyoke’s art history department offers courses in all eras of art history, including the arts and architecture of Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. Courses at the 100 level are open to all students. Courses at the 200 level are open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Courses at the 300 seminar level require junior or senior standing as well as 8 credits in art history or permission of the instructor. We encourage first-year students to take our introductory classes, including: ARTH-100 Western Art: 1400-2000, ARTH-100 Image and Environment: Byzantine to Baroque, ARTH-105 Arts of Asia, and ARTH-110 (FY Sem) Introductory Seminar in Art History.

The Lure of the Past: Collecting Antiquity
Collecting Antiquity, Seminar in Ancient Art: This seminar studies the collecting and display of Greek and Roman objects from antiquity to the present.
Un Bar aux Folies-Bergère, By Édouard Manet
Study European / American art as it relates to Renaissance Florence, the 17th-century artist, art and revolution, nineteenth-century realism, abstraction.
Sebastian Muenster, Map of the New World, 1540
An exciting and important time far beyond the confines of Europe, as exploration and cross-cultural encounters broadened mental horizons across the globe.
Honoré Daumier, Vous raisonnez comme une canne!
Learn about art’s relationship to violent political revolution, dramatic industrial change, widespread social unrest, and the birth of modern mass culture.
Inside Art (ARTH-110)
Students an assigned painting through a series of exercises, including illusionistic techniques ranging from linear perspective to the camera obscura.