Paul Staiti
Art History Chair, Professor of Fine Arts on the Alumnae Foundation, Film Studies Steering Committee

Paul Staiti teaches courses in American art and cinema. He has authored books and essays on John Singleton Copley, Gilbert Stuart, Winslow Homer and other American artists. His most recent book, Of Arms and Artists, is concerned with the diverse ways in which painters responded to the crisis of the American Revolution. He co-curated the Copley show at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Currently, in anticipation of an exhibition scheduled for Versailles and the Met, Staiti is researching the Americans who visited the court of Louis XVI.

208 Art Building
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Bettina Bergman
Helene Phillips Herzig '49 Professor of Art

Bettina Bergmann is the Helene Phillips Herzig '49 Professor of Art History. She teaches courses in Greek and Roman art and modern collecting and museum practices. Her research focuses on the relations among ancient Roman architecture, gardens, painting, and literature. Bergmann uses three-dimensional models to suggest how fragments in museums appeared in their original contexts. A current project explores representations of the world in Roman art.

204 Art Building
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Michael T. Davis Chair of Architectural Studies, Professor of Art History
Chair of Architectural Studies, Professor of Art History

Michael Davis teaches the art of the Middle Ages, the arts of Islam, and modern architecture. His research centers on French Gothic architecture including Notre-Dame, Paris and the cathedrals of Clermont-Ferrand and Limoges. Recently, he has been at work reconstructing lost buildings in medieval Paris (early video). Featured in seminars on Paris, these projects actively engage students in the evaluation of evidence, medieval design techniques, and the use of digital media.

206 Art Building
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Professor Anthony W. Lee
Idella Plimpton Kendall Professor of Art History

Anthony Lee teaches courses on modernist art and the history of photography. His many books probe the relationship between art and the social lives of immigrants, migrants, and the working classes, and span Civil War photography, pictures of industrializing New England, depictions of Chinatowns, Depression-era murals, tabloid photography, and the contemporary documentary. His current book projects are concerned with pictorialism in Boston and the visual cultures of nationalism and separatism in Victorian Scotland.

209 Art Building
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 Jessica Maier Assistant Professor of Art History
Assistant Professor of Art History

Jessica Maier teaches courses in Renaissance and Baroque art and architecture with a global perspective. Her research on cartography and print culture has been funded by a Rome Prize Fellowship and other awards. Her book, Rome Measured and Imagined: Early Modern Maps of the Eternal City, was published in 2015, and her articles have appeared in journals including The Art Bulletin and Renaissance Quarterly. Maier is currently working on a new project with the working title Maps and the Art of War.

205 Art Building
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 Ajay J. Sinha Professor of Art History
Professor of Art History, Film Studies Steering Committee

Ajay Sinha teaches the history of Asian art at various levels, and seminars on Indian photography and Indian film. In his classes, students explore how the visual arts in India, China, Japan and other Asian countries reflect political and social formations, embody cultural values, and make visible the historical connections between local cultures and global networks, past and present, religious beliefs and secular life. He has published books and scholarly journal articles on the art and architecture of ancient India, and modern and contemporary art of South Asia including photography and film. Sinha is also a member of the Asian Studies Program and the Film Studies Program.

207 Art Building
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Rose Ryan

Rose Ryan

Academic Department Coordinator II

Rose Ryan is the Academic Department Coordinator for Art Studio, Art History and Architectural Studies. She manages the budget, purchasing, online course catalog submissions, events, award applications, and all the daily needs of faculty and majors. She has been on campus since 2002. 

201 Art Building
M-F 9:00am-5:00pm