The Art History Major and Minor

The Art History Major


  • A minimum of 36 credits


  • At least four courses at the 200 level, one each in the following four areas of study: Ancient and Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque, Modern and American, and non-Western
  • Two courses at the 300 level in art history, not including 395
  • Three additional courses at any level

Majors may enroll in 300-level seminars at the other Five College institutions with permission from their advisor and the department chair.

Art History majors may not minor in Architectural Studies.

Reading knowledge of at least two foreign languages is recommended for those contemplating graduate study in art history.

See the Art History chapter of the course catalogue for detailed information on requirements for the major and course offerings.

The Art History Minor

Minors may construct a program as focused or as comprehensive as desired.


  • A minimum of 20 credits, 16 of which must be above the 100 level


  • One art history course or AP credit in art history at the 100-level
  • Any four courses in art history at the 200 level or above

Within these general requirements a student may construct a minor as focused or as comprehensive as she wishes.