Selecting courses

Professor Michael Davis discusses a medieval architectural fragment.Professor Michael Davis discusses a medieval architectural fragment.

100 level courses introduce students to a wide range of art and architecture. At the same time that they train students to look closely at objects, they develop the tools of analysis. 200 level courses deepen the major with courses on narrower topics, organized geographically, culturally, or thematically. 300 level courses are advanced seminars conducted in a discussion- oriented format. Independent Study (395) may be elected for one or two semesters, with an option for writing a Honor's Thesis. 

We encourage first-year students to take our introductory classes, including: ARTH100: Western Art: 1400-2000; ARTH100: Ways of Seeing; ARTH100: Architecture, The Face of Human Culture; ARTH100: The Power of Images; ARTH105: Arts of Asia; and ARTH110: Introductory Seminar in Art History.

Sophomores and Juniors may apply to the Student Guide Program sponsored by the Art Museum.  Two credits are available through ARTH-295P in the spring semester.