Learning Abroad for Art History students

Study Abroad

Where to Study

The largest number of art history majors spend a semester or year abroad in Italy, England, Scotland and France. There are also study abroad opportunities in Denmark, Ireland, China and elsewhere.  There are a number of programs relevant to a major’s understanding of global art and architecture and the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives maintains a list of all approved programs, a searchable database of where previous students have studied and what courses they took, and student evaluations.  The database can be searched by major and by country.  

Although most art history majors study in Europe, there are ample opportunities in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East for students interested in the art of those regions.   Students who will be seeking Laurel Fellowships (need-based financial aid) should note in particular programs that are identified as “Laurel preferred.”




Other programs where art history majors have studied:

  • Austria: IES Program in Vienna
  • China: China Studies Institute
  • Czech Republic: CIEE Program in Prague
  • Denmark: DIS
  • Germany: Berlin Consortium Program, IES Area Studies Program in Berlin (both taught in German)
  • Greece: College Year in Athens
  • Ireland: University College Cork, University of Limerick, University College Dublin
  • Italy: Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome, IES Program in Rome, Middlebury Program in Florence (taught in Italian), Syracuse University Program in Florence
  • Spain: IES Program in Madrid, CIEE Advanced Liberal Arts Program in Seville (both taught in Spanish)
  • Turkey: CIEE Program in Istanbul
  • UK: Advanced Studies in England, University of Cambridge, University of Glasgow, Queen Mary University of London, University of St. Andrews, University of York

Summer Internships and Research Abroad

Funding is available through the Lynk Universal Application Form (UAF). For more details about internship opportunities and funding, please contact Kirk Lange, Director of International Experiential learning at the McCulloch Center.  The department has also identified organizations that have offered internship opportunities in the past, and students should contact them directly for current information.

Next Steps

Students interested in exploring possibilities for learning abroad are encouraged to contact the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives.  Joanne Picard/her successor (jpicard@mtholyoke.edu) is the primary advisor for study abroad, and Kirk Lange (klange@mtholyoke.edu) can offer guidance on internships or research abroad.  Students should also consult with their advisor about how they can best connect and integrate learning abroad with their work in the major.