Learning Abroad for Art History Students

Since Art history studies objects and images related to the history of different cultures around the globe, experience abroad allows students the opportunity to immerse themselves in these cultures, attend classes, and visit local museums, libraries, architectural and archaeological sites.

Please consult with your advisor early in the planning of your study abroad program or internship. Most art history majors study in Europe, but there are ample opportunities in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East for students interested in the art of those regions.

Study Abroad

Where to Study
The largest number of art history majors spend a semester or year abroad in Italy, England, Scotlandand France. There are also study abroad opportunities in Denmark, Ireland, China and elsewhere.  

There are a number of programs relevant to a major’s understanding of global art and architecture and the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives maintains a list of all approved programs, and a searchable database of where previous students have studied and what courses they took, and student evaluations.  The database can be searched by major and by country.  

The McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives Study Abroad website is also an excellent resource for programs, application procedures, deadlines, financial aid, and more.  Laurel Fellowships (need-based financial aid) are readily available to qualified students.




Other programs where art history majors have studied:

When to Study
Typically, we suggest planning your study abroad for one semester, rather than a whole year, preferably in the spring of the sophomore year or during the junior year.

Credit Transfer
As you plan your study abroad, please consult with your faculty advisor for possible study abroad courses in your program you would like to count towards your major. During your time abroad, please save your course descriptions, syllabi, and assignments. Upon returning, once the credits are officially transferred to your college transcript, please meet again with the department chair to see if your courses can fulfill your major or minor requirements.

Summer Internships and Research Abroad

Internships give students an opportunity to learn outside of the classroom and gain practical experience in art history related institutions, such as art museums, art galleries, art studios, architectural firms. Internships allow students to explore career possibilities after graduation.

  • Funding is available through the Lynk Universal Application Form (UAF). For more details about internship opportunities and funding, please contact Kirk Lange, Director of International Experiential learning at the McCulloch Center.  

Next Steps

Students interested in exploring possibilities for learning abroad are encouraged to contact the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives. April Stroud is the primary advisor for study abroad, and Kirk Lange can offer guidance on internships or research abroad. Students should also consult with their advisor about how they can best connect and integrate learning abroad with their work in the major.