The Arts at Mount Holyoke

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Confronting the blank canvas, the blank page, the empty stage—all help provoke original forms of expression and knowledge, countering conventional thinking, feeling, and seeing. Exposure to the arts, including the mystical creative acts involved in doing and making, opens students to a greater sense of imaginative possibility, and to the power and originality of their own voices and images.

At Mount Holyoke, the arts are an essential part of our liberal arts curriculum. Working closely with nationally recognized arts professionals and scholars, Mount Holyoke students develop their imaginative, expressive capacities while learning to think critically and to articulate their ideas with clarity and eloquence—abilities that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Whether you want to pursue a career in a particular art form, or simply experience the exhilarating challenge of something new, or undertake a more in-depth study of an art form you have always loved, there's a place in the Mount Holyoke arts community for you.


InterArts Council

The InterArts Council (IAC) is made up of representatives from the arts departments and programs at Mount Holyoke, Art Museum staff, and students who meet monthly to collaborate and keep members informed about campus arts activities. The council organizes two annual arts programs:

  • Leading Women in the Arts

The Leading Women in the Arts series brings to campus well-known performing and visual artists who discuss and show their work, present workshops, and meet with students in small seminars.
See the list of artists who have come to campus.

  • Crafting a Life in the Arts: Annual Career Event

Crafting a Life in the Arts is a daylong workshop for students interested in having a career in the arts. Alum panelists often join the event to discuss their career paths

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