Arts and Technology courses

The Arts and Technology Initiative supports the development of courses that promote what’s known as design thinking — a way used by designers to approach creative problems that’s increasingly used in business and social contexts — and interdisciplinary project-based learning, connecting often unrelated fields and mediums.

Acoustic Ecology and Sonic Art (Music-203)

Acoustic Ecology and Sonic Art (Music-203)

The broad interdisciplinary fields of Acoustic Ecology and Sonic Art explore how we create, interpret and interact with the sounds around us.
Adv. Projects in Video Prod. (FLMST-310CP-01)

Adv. Projects in Video Production (FS 310)

Learn by producing and develop a short film through brainstorming, research, script or documentary proposal writing, and pre-production.
Music and Childhood in the Western Tradition course profile

Art, Music, and the Brain (Music321-Psych329)

Experience first-hand the ways the mind processes, and creates, art and music.
Thomas Ciufo, Assistant Professor of Music

Thomas Ciufo, Music

“I’ve always been drawn to music and sound. My fundamental engagement with listening to and creating sound informs my work, research and teaching.”