Art Studio Major

The major requires 40 credits in studio art, including courses in drawing, photography, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and special topics. Some of these courses can be taken at other schools in the Five College 
Consortium. At least two art history courses are required as well. Students may major in studio art and minor in art history.

For students with well-defined, art-related interests not offered in the program (photography or design, for example), it is possible to construct a special major in consultation with the department faculty.

Studio majors may minor in Art History. Studio majors may not minor in Architectural Studies.

Art Studio Minor

The Art Studio Minor

The minor requires at least 24 credits in studio art, which may include courses within the Five College Consortium.

Specific information on requirements for the studio art major and minor may be found in the Art Studio chapter of the course catalog. The department strongly urges that students seek the advice of the studio faculty in considering specific course selection, number, and sequence of courses to be completed.

Teacher Licensure in Art Studio

Students interested in pursuing licensure in the field of visual art can combine their course work in studio art with a minor in education. See Teacher Licensure for more information.