Chinese Language

First Year Chinese I & II

AS110 is an intensive (5 hours/week: 3 lectures and 2 labs) course intended for students with no prior knowledge of Chinese. AS111 is the continuation of AS110, and requires the completion of AS110, or demonstration of equivalent ability. The goal of these two courses is to lay a solid foundation in all four major aspects of Chinese language ability—speaking, listening, reading, and writing—to prepare students for intermediate courses. Points of focus include pronunciation and tones, basic syntax, high-frequency vocabulary words, conversational flow, and an introduction to reading and writing Chinese characters. Relevant cultural knowledge and activities, e.g. Chinese songs, will be incorporated into the curriculum as an integral part of language learning. The class will initially be conducted in both English and Chinese, with the proportion of Chinese steadily increasing over the first two months of AS110, after which the great majority of instruction will be in Chinese. The AS110 and AS111 course sequence is supplemented by outside-of-class language partner sessions, LRC Q & A sessions, and Chinese language table.

Second Year Chinese I & II

AS212 and its second-semester continuation AS213 are intensive (5 hours/week: 3 lectures and 2 labs) courses which consolidate and expand students’ competencies in the four fundamental areas of language learning—speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Prerequisite for AS212: completion of AS111 or demonstration of equivalent ability. Students will improve their oral fluency, study more complex grammatical structures, and enlarge their passive and active vocabulary. A continuing emphasis on facility in daily-life interactions will be supplemented and expanded by increasing discussion of broader issues in society, including education, transportation, employment, etc. Students will develop a deeper and broader understanding of relevant aspects of Chinese culture. This course is conducted mostly in Chinese. The goal of the course is to equip students with the necessary tools to progress to advanced-level Chinese study: reading essays on current social issues, understanding Chinese media, and engaging with relevant personal and social issues in both speech and writing. The AS212 and AS213 course sequence is supplemented by outside-of-class language partner sessions, LRC Q & A sessions, and Chinese language table.

Third Year Chinese I & II

AS310 and AS311 are designed for students who have completed two years of Chinese language study or its equivalent. We offer two 75-minute lectures supplemented by Friday fourth hour discussion classes and individual work in the Language Resource Center. The materials we use come in forms of dialogues, essays, newspaper articles, and short stories. Our topics range from daily life events to modern Chinese society and international interests. Mainly conducted in Mandarin Chinese, varieties of classroom activities are created to help students engage in real-life communications such as role play discussions, debates and news report video making. Our goal is to help students further build both linguistic and communicative competence in Mandarin Chinese.