The interdisciplinary program in Asian Studies focuses on the study of the language and cultures of Asia.  In addition to Asian languages (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Sanskrit), we list a wide variety of courses on Asia’s diverse histories and cultures, taught by our own faculty and colleagues from the departments of anthropology, art history, economics, history, international relations, politics, religion, and gender studies.
Courses in Other Departments 

First-Year Students

Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Sanskrit language placements will be arranged during the first week of classes by faculty members from the Asian Studies Program. Students who have studied these languages prior to coming to Mount Holyoke and wish to continue are encouraged to contact the appropriate professor below via e-mail. Include in your email information about your language experience so faculty can assist you with placement prior to the beginning of the semester. If your placement is not resolved beforehand, you will have no trouble adding a language class after arriving on campus if you leave time in your schedule.

Spring entrants who have no previous knowledge of Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, or Korean should enroll in first-year courses Asian 110 (Chinese), 120 (Japanese), 130 (Arabic), or 160 (Korean). These introductory courses are offered in the fall semester only.

First-year students may consider enrolling in:

  • ASIAN-110f   First Year Chinese I
  • ASIAN-111s  First Year Chinese II
  • ASIAN-120f   First Year Japanese I
  • ASIAN-121s   First Year Japanese II
  • ASIAN-130f   First Year Arabic I
  • ASIAN-131s   First Year Arabic II
  • ASIAN-160f First Year Korean I
  • ASIAN-161s First Year Korean II
  • ASIAN-212f   Second Year Chinese I
  • ASIAN-213s   Second Year Chinese II
  • ASIAN-222f  Second Year Japanese I
  • ASIAN-223s   Second Year Japanese II
  • ASIAN-232f   Second Year Arabic I
  • ASIAN-233s   Second Year Arabic II
  • ASIAN-310f   Third Year Chinese I
  • ASIAN-311s   Third Year Chinese II

First year students may register for Asian 110, 120, 130, and 160 without faculty's permission. Before registering for higher language levels, students first have to pass the placement test for the course.

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