The interdisciplinary program in Asian Studies focuses on the study of the language and cultures of Asia. In addition to Asian languages (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Sanskrit), we list a wide variety of courses on Asia’s diverse histories and cultures, taught by our own faculty and colleagues from the departments of anthropology, art history, economics, history, international relations, politics, religion, and gender studies.

Japanese Paper Making (ARTST-269)
Offered every Spring: the fragility, structural strength, and surprising longevity of the material become grounds for philosophical investigations.
A 19th Century painting from a series of brush paintings by Qing Dynasty artist Sun Wen, depicting scenes from the novel Dream of the Red Chamber.
An opportunity to read closely and inquisitively Cao Xueqin’s eighteenth-century masterpiece—The Story of the Stone.
After the failure of the Chinese republic, group of young writers, educated in both China and the West, headed toward a new direction in Chinese literature
Androgyny and Gender Negotiation in Contemporary Chinese Women's Theatre (AS-215s)
Contemporary Chinese Women's Theatre: explore how the thriving of Yue Opera was a product of China’s social changes and the women’s movement.