Anne-Catherine Heuzé

Anne-Catherine Heuze

Class of 2009
Winner of Jackie Siebert '85 Japanese Language Award

At Mount Holyoke, I am living my passion for languages.

When I first came here in 2007 through the Exchange Program between Mount Holyoke College and l’Université Paul Valéry (Montpellier, France), I was an English major and a Foreign Fellow for the French Department. However, I was attracted to Mount Holyoke’s Asian Studies Program which offers intensive courses in Japanese.

I’ve always wanted to know more about Asian cultures, and Japanese culture in particular. Even as a child, I wanted to learn how to write Chinese characters: the graceful fit and sequence of the lines intrigued me. When I read about the Japanese writing system, I became very interested in learning about the different syllabaries and how they worked together and separately.

After I had started studying Japanese at Mount Holyoke, I became even more interested in this amazingly complex language and fascinating culture. That is why last year, when I had completed my one-year program, I re-applied for another year to continue Japanese classes here as an exchange student.

I have barely started my journey towards a better understanding of Japanese language and culture, but it actually made me realize that there are other languages and cultures that interest me about which I hope to learn more. The more languages one studies, the more one discovers different cultures and regions that are fascinating by themselves and in within the context of other cultures and regions. I am grateful for my time here at Mount Holyoke where I had the opportunity to explore new avenues of learning.