Taylor Lloyd

Taylor Lloyd

Class of 2011
Winner of Irene He Yuan Chinese-American Friendship Award

"Mount Holyoke is far more than its physical campus."

I experienced this understanding while I was learning Chinese language and culture in the Asian Studies Program. My language class professors have been brilliant and their curricula are rigorous. But even beyond the classes, I have come to appreciate Chinese language and culture thanks to other fortuitous experiences on campus. I attended the weekly Chinese language table; I have taken calligraphy workshops; I participated in the Annual China night; most proudly, I competed in the Foreign Language Theater contest this Spring.

Last summer, I travelled to the Ningbo University of Technology in Ningbo, China to teach English. It was one of the most wonderful opportunities I have ever enjoyed. It was made even better by the other interns in my group and by the students in my classes.

I feel lucky to receive the Irene Yuan Chinese-American Friendship Award. Thank you for this unexpected award and thanks to all my friends.