Checklist for the Major

As you plan and carry out your Asian studies major, you may find this form useful in designing your program of study and giving it coherence and direction. It will also aid you in keeping track of your course work in relation to the major requirements.

When identifying the course(s) for each requirement below, be sure to record where you took it, if not at MHC. Please indicate course numbers and complete course titles, instructors' names, and year taken.

(This checklist is limited to Asian Studies requirements and does not include other College requirements for graduation.)

Language Requirement:

  • Four semesters of instruction in Chinese, Japanese, or Arabic;
  • three semesters of Sanskrit;
  • OR six semesters of self-instructional work in an Asian language.


300-level Requirement

Four courses at the 300 level, only two of which may be language courses.

Non-language courses must be taken in at least three departments or programs.

Please remember that no more than one course on Asian diasporas (e.g., Asian American literature) may be counted toward the Asian studies major.

The Complete Major

Please list here the 40 credits of work you will count toward your major (some will already have been recorded above). No more than 16 credits of 100-200 level language study may be counted toward the major.