Karen Mittler '08

Karen Mittler

Co-Winner of Indira V. Peterson Award in South Asian Studies

My journey in Asian Studies began with my study of the Hindi language. Before coming to Mount Holyoke College I knew I wanted to pursue this love. During the summers of 2005 and 2006 I traveled to the University of Wisconsin – Madison, home of the South Asian Summer Language Institute. I completed two semesters of Hindi language each time compressed into eight weeks.

To further intensify this passion I also took two self-instructional courses at Mount Holyoke College, offered through the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. This supplementary material ensured that what I learned would not be lost in between summer sessions.

In January 2007, I went to India through the Tibetan Studies in India Program offered through Smith College, for a January Term opportunity. We stayed in a town outside of the city of Varanasi and attended classes of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, history and culture.

Between my studies at Mount Holyoke College and the language program at the South Asian Summer Language Institute, I was well prepared to venture to India. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the history, culture and language come alive and would recommend any of the above-mentioned programs.