Language Assistants and Mentors

For Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean

The Asian Studies Department has an array of language resources useful to students learning languages. These include the Chinese Floor Living-Learning Community, as well as the Language Assistants and Mentors who support language learning through weekly interactive activities and cultural events. The weekly Language Table is a shared meal which provides opportunities to informally practice speaking a range of with the Language Assistants, faculty members, and students. The Q&A sessions with the Language Mentor offer more support around the concepts of learning the language.

Qualified students may apply for a language assistant position through the Language Assistant Program by contacting Morena Svaldi. Students may also apply to live on the Chinese Floor by contacting Residential Life.

Language Table and Q&A hours

Lea Sleiman, Arabic Mentor

Lea Sleiman, Arabic Language Assistant and Mentor

Hi, my name is Lea Sleiman and I will be your Arabic Language Assistant and Mentor this year. I am a senior, double major in Mathematics and Data science. I’m from Beirut, Lebanon, and I am very excited to be assisting you this year!

Language assistant Xinyue Wang

Xinyue Wang, Language Assistant and Mentor for Chinese
Hello, my name is Xinyue Wang and I am a senior who is studying biochemistry. I am from Beijing, China. I enjoy spending time with my Christian ministry and my friends on campus. I really like learning different languages and I know how hard it can be when you start off. Due to my previous experiences receiving great tutoring, I look forward to helping a new group of people learning Chinese.

Yui Sakai, Language Assistant for Japanese

Yui Sakai, Language Assistant for Japanese

Hi, my name is Yui Sakai – 酒井優衣 (さかい ゆい), a sophomore and an international student from Japan.

I'm hoping to double major in Gender Studies and Psychology soon.

I went all through my education in Japan so please feel free to ask me if anyone is interested in school life or anything about Japan.

I'm happy to answer any questions and do my best to clearly explain things as possible.

Looking forward to working with you all!

Kay Tsukamoto, Language Assistant for Japanese

Kay Tsukamoto, Language Assistant for Japanese

こんにちは!My name is Kay Tsukamoto 塚本慧 (つかもと けい) (she/her), I am a sophomore double majoring in East Asian Studies and Music. I have been studying Mandarin, Italian, and Korean. Learning new languages can be fun, so I hope I can help you enjoy learning Japanese. Please let me know if you have any questions, I will be happy to help. どうぞよろしく!

Yeahne (Lydia) Kim

Yeahne (Lydia) Kim, Korean Language Assistant

Hi everyone! My name is Yeahne(Lydia) Kim, and I use she/her pronouns. I am a sophomore and Economics major at Mount Holyoke College, and I’ll be serving you as a Korean LA this year. I was born and raised in South Korea, and I came to the US to meet diverse people and cultures I’ve never experienced before.
I know learning a new language is very tough and challenging at first, yet I believe it is one of the most exciting goals to achieve in life. I am here to assist your new learning process to be more fun and prosperous, so please do not hesitate to reach out and stop by our language table if you have any questions or interests in Korean or Korean culture. We are more than welcome to help you out!

Lumeng Yang


Lumeng Yang, Chinese Language Assistant

Hi! My name is Lumeng Yang. I will be your Language Assistant for Chinese this year. I am in the Class of 2024. I currently major in International Relations and Economics. I am from China. I look forward to sharing my culture and language with you!

Aya Sakonju

Aya Sakonju, Language Assistant for Japanese
Hi! My name is Aya and I am in the class of 2022. I am also an East Asian Studies major with a Japan focus and a psychology minor.

Although I am Japanese-Vietnamese, I grew up only speaking English. I have family in Japan and Vietnam which exposed me to both cultures but it was not until my freshman year of college when I decided to formally learn Japanese.

I have come to love learning the language and hope I will be able to share that passion with the underclassmen.

Aside from Japanese, I love spending time with animals, getting off-campus/working out with friends, and painting with watercolor.

Skylar Hou

Skylar Hou, Language Assistant for Chinese

Hi! My name is Skylar Hou (She/They). I am a senior with double majors in Psychology and Education and French. I speak four languages: English, Mandarin, French, and Tibetan. I am very excited to work as the Language Assistant for the 300-level Chinese this year!

Hinako Yamaguchi

Hinako Yamaguchi, Language Mentor in Japanese

Hi, my name is Hinako and I am a senior majoring in Religion and International Relations. I was born in New Zealand, but have lived in Japan for over 10 years. I look forward to studying Japanese with you all!

Yiyi Yang

Yiyi Yang, Language Assistant for Chinese

Hello! It’s Yiyi here. Class of 2023. I’m double majoring in Art history and Theater Arts. I come from Ningbo, China, which is a southern city at the eastern coastline. 
It’s my pleasure to be the Chinese Language Assistant this year, and I’m extremely glad to help you guys get to know Chinese Language and its great culture.

Xike Zhao, Language Mentor for Korean

Xike Zhao, Language Mentor for Korean

안녕하세요! My name is Xike(시코), and I use she/her pronouns. I'm a Junior with Gender Studies major and Asian Studies minor. I was born in Shenyang, China. I just came back from studying abroad in 이화여자대학교. If you have any questions about studying abroad, please feel free to ask me! I also enjoy horseback riding, photography, and cooking. I'm so glad to be your Korean Language Mentor this year! Please do not hesitate to come to the Q&A session with any questions, and looking forward to meeting you all!

Yixuan Wang

Yixuan Wang, Chinese Language Mentor

Hi everyone! My name is Yixuan Wang. I’m from Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China. My major is East Asian Studies, and I’m a junior this year. I will be the Chinese language mentor of 2021-2022 fall semester. My favorite food is omelet (with cheddar cheese!) and I keep a dog at home. I love reading, writing, and travelling especially road trip!