The Asian Studies Majors & Minors

The New Asian Studies Majors

We offer majors in:

A minimum of 40 credits of course work is required. Any course that devotes 50% or more of its substance to the region, peoples, or issues may count toward the major.  The equivalent of two years of college-level foreign language study is required for all majors except South Asian which strongly encourages , but not requires, language study. As these majors are interdisciplinary, Asian Studies students are required to take courses related to their major in other departments on campus.

The study of other Asian languages is possible through the Five College Consortium.

See the Asian Studies chapter of the course catalogue for detailed information on requirements for the major and course offerings.

The Asian Studies Minor

We also offer four minors:

  • Asian Studies Minor
  • Arabic Minor
  • Chinese Minor
  • Japanese Minor

Visit the Requirement for the Asian Studies Minor page for information about these minors.