A minimum of 40 credits of coursework is required for the Asian Studies major and any course that devotes 50% or more of its substance to the region, peoples, or issues may count toward the major. The equivalent of two years of college-level foreign language study is required for all majors except the South Asian Studies major which strongly encourages, but not requires, language study. As these majors are interdisciplinary, Asian Studies students are required to take courses related to their major in other departments on campus. The department offers minors in  Asian Studies, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese study of other Asian languages is possible through the Five College Consortium. See the Asian Studies chapter of the course catalog for detailed information on requirements for the major and course offerings. All courses are designed to contribute in various ways to the College’s Learning Goals.

Courses and Requirements 

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Asian Studies Minor

  • There is no language requirement for the minor.
  • At least 16 credits of Asian studies courses (including all courses that count toward the Asian Studies major or minor) at the 200 level or higher, only 8 of which can be in language.
  • At least 4 credits must be at the 300 level:
  • Courses should be selected from at least two disciplines.
  • No more than one Asian American studies course may be counted toward the Asian studies minor.

Asian/Pacific/American Studies Certificate

As railroad workers and refugees, dance hall performers and PhDs, as businessmen and organizers, soldiers and interpreters, Asian/Pacific/Americans have played an integral role in American history.

From diverse origins, Asian/Pacific/Americans have forged solidarity among themselves as well as with African Americans, Latin@s, and American Indians to counter the exploitation of a racialized marketplace and discriminatory law.

Asian/Pacific/American students formed the backbone of the movement to establish A/P/A studies at colleges and universities throughout the United States. The A/P/A experience provides fundamental perspectives on the American experience as well as the legacies of colonialism and dynamics of globalization.

The Certificate Program is overseen by a committee of faculty representing several disciplines from all of the Five College institutions. Please see the Five College Consortium website for more information.