When to Study / Credit Transfer

When to Study

Our faculty encourages incoming students with an interest in Asian Studies to start an Asian language in their first semester at Mount Holyoke College. We recommend that majors have at least one year (preferably two years) of language study before going abroad. With early planning, majors are better able to integrate their learning abroad experience with their academic program, especially if they wish to study abroad for an entire year.

Asian studies majors interested in studying abroad for a single semester generally find the fall or spring of their junior year is their best option. Please note that some programs in Asia have academic calendars different from Mount Holyoke's, so students need to plan accordingly. Students may also wish to study abroad in the summer, although there is no MHC funding available at present for this option.

Credit Transfer

Generally, Asia-related elective offerings at foreign institutions are accepted for 200-level credits towards the Asian studies major. Students who would like some of their courses from abroad to fulfill 300-level requirements should discuss this possibility with their advisor before leaving. Students should save course syllabi and writing assignments so that, upon return, they can meet with their advisor to review work completed abroad.

Language courses taken at a university abroad may transfer as 300-level courses and count towards the Asian studies major if a student has taken 200-level language courses prior to going abroad. In order to have credits from abroad transferred, upon their return, students must fill out a permission form and have it signed by the chair of Asian studies. Please note that students may count a limited number of credits earned in the summer towards their A.B. degree, and should consult in advance with the Registrar's Office about summer credits.