ASD Mineral Spectroradiometer

The Mineral Spectroscopy Laboratory uses an ASD FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res visible region spectrometer on loan from Tufts University.This spectroradiometer has 3 nm resolution in the VNIR (350-1000 nm) and 8 nm spectral resolution in the SWIR (1000-2500 nm).The instrument is used to ground-truth measurements from other planets (especially Mars), and is part of the lab campaign to build a well-characterized spectral library covering a broad spectral range.The instrument is equipped with a rorating goniometer to provide coverage of varying angle relative to a same surface.Before each measurement, the signal is optimized, a dark current spectrum is collected, and a white reflectance calibration to calibrated Spectralon is undertaken.For most applications, each spectrum is an average of 100 1 s integrations and three spectra of each mineral were taken to check spectral stability.