BRAVO Raman Spectrometer

The lab uses a Bruker Optics, Inc.BRAVO handheld Raman spectrometer for routine acquisition.

The BRAVO uses two-laser excitation to mitigate fluorescence and increased sensitivity across a wide spectral range from 300-3200 cm-1, with wavenumber accuracy of ±1-2 cm-1.It is rated Laser Class 1M, ensuring maximum user safety.It uses a low laser output (< 100 mW) to reduce risk of material alteration or damage.

Handheld samples can be placed adjacent to the aperture of the BRAVO for acquisition of a spectrum.Although this method limits the operator’s control, the large sample spot (area of the sample hit by the incoming laser beam) allows for multiple grains to be analyzed collectively.This can be helpful for analyses of mixtures of several minerals.Additionally, the BRAVO spectrometer is handheld, weighing only several pounds, making it an ideal instrument for in situ analyses.The Senterra differs from the BRAVO in its overall size and sampling aperture.This instrument has a microscope attachment resulting in a smaller sampling spot.