International Internships

Summer Internships and Research Abroad

An international summer internship or research project is a good way for Astronomy majors to apply and develop their skills and explore possible careers paths while engaging with cultures and perspectives outside the United States. Astronomy majors involved in significant research collaborations with faculty may find a summer internship to be the best fit with their plans for their time at the college. A summer spent with a collaborator may therefore achieve the twin goals of providing a valuable experience abroad, as well as allowing a student to move her research efforts forward in a new and interesting manner. We encourage students to consult the Department Chair for suggestions.


Many funded summer research opportunities are available to astronomy majors wanting to pursue domestic U.S. Internships as well as international ones. The DAAD RISE program offers funded summer research opportunities in Germany for students in the sciences. Other opportunities may be made available through MHC faculty with foreign collaborators; please consult with faculty members to learn more.

Students have the option of developing their own summer internship or research project. Support for unpaid opportunities is available through the Lynk Universal Application Form (UAF), which offers students access to funding from a variety of College fellowship sources to cover travel and living expenses for the duration of the project. Students with a family contribution of less than $5000 may also receive a $500 grant to apply towards their summer earnings contribution. Both the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives and the Career Development Center have student evaluations of past international internships on file.