Department Learning Goals

Learning Goals for Astronomy Introductory Level Classes

  1. Understand fundamental concepts in astronomy such as gravity, the nature of light, the origin of the universe, and physical characteristics of matter.
  2. Demonstrate skills for quantitative analyses, including the ability to form a hypothesis, graphically represent and interpret data, estimate error and understand sampling bias.
  3. Critically evaluate representations of science in all types of media.

Learning Goals for Astronomy Advanced Classes

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in fundamental concepts in each of the major areas of astronomy: cosmology, planetary science, galaxies, stellar structure, and the universe.
  2. Show a working knowledge of a broad array of physical phenomena that are based upon fundamental concepts.
  3. Gain familiarity with instrumentation, computational methods and software resources utilized by professional astronomers.
  4. Understand the variety of career paths and opportunities that are open to students who have majored in astronomy.
  5. Exhibit a proficiency in the methods of scientific inquiry in laboratory and/or research projects.
  6. Demonstrate use of critical thinking skills in well-organized, logical and scientifically sound oral and written scientific reports.