Using Mount Holyoke’s transmission electron microscope, Jennifer Tasneem ’17 worked closely with Blanca Carbajal González ’08 on her senior thesis on the synthesis of iron oxide nanocubes.
With a major upgrade to Mount Holyoke’s transmission electron microscope, now even first-year students can take a class in nanoscience.
A false-color topographic map (blue marks low elevations) shows the area around Mars's Jezero Crater, which was home to an ancient lake system. Photo by NASA/MSSS/ASU/GSFC
NASA may send the next Mars rover to the Jezero Crater, identified in 2005 by Mount Holyoke planetary scientist Caleb Fassett as having once been an ancien
The MHC astronomer and her students will help NASA shape the future of planetary science and human space exploration.
Louisa Radar '18, Clarissa Leight '18, and Laura Breitenfeld '17 on the cover of GSA Today.
An article by Darby Dyar and an image of Louisa Radar '18, Clarissa Leight '18, and Laura Breitenfeld '17 are featured on the July 2017 issue.
Basking in the aftermath of this morning's successful landing of the Mars rover, MHC's Darby Dyar reports in from Mission Control and talks to the Boston G
Watch this clip to see one of Mount Holyoke's many rock stars—in action.
Professor Dyar and her students are exploring Mars and planetary science in the labs.
This is a photograph of Darby Dyar in her office
Darby Dyar, chair of the astronomy department, talked about winning the G. K. Gilbert Award for her research on space rocks.