Student Research Presentations and Publications

Astronomy students have a long record of presenting their research at national conferences, including the Division of Planetary Science, Lunar Planetary Conference, American Geophysical Union annual meeting, and American Astronomical Society. In addition, to these conference publications, Astronomy students are frequently co-authors on peer-reviewed publications in national and international journals.

Detection Limits for Silicates in Raman Spectra of Mixtures with Volcanic Glass by Genesis Berlanga '12
Laura Congreve Hunter
Laura Congreve Hunter ’17: Processing astronomical images is how raw images taken by telescopes becomes useful information for astronomers
The Geographic Distribution of Boulder Halo Craters at Mid-to-High Latitudes on Mars by Louisa Rader '18
Predicting Olivine Composition Using Raman Spectroscopy Through Band Shift and Multivariate Analysis by Laura Breitenfeld '17