Careers with a BA

Through our rigorous academic program and immersive learning experiences, Biochemistry majors graduate with skills to pursue careers in a wide range of fields.

To get a sense of where you can go with a Biochemistry degree “What can I do with an MHC major in Biochemistry?” has information on companies and roles that previous students have held. Another great resource is

The Occupational Outlook for Biochemists and Biophysicists from the Bureau of Labor Statistics can provide additional insights into the job forecast and work environment of those in this field.

Finally, take a look at Buzzfile for in-depth career research into organizations hiring Biochemistry majors.

Dawn Zhang ’09: I built the skills in my scientific training to help my team synthesize information and advise senior management on strategic priorities.
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Abena Opoku ’10: The biochemistry program prepared me to be resilient and press through the challenges I face in the corporate world.
Hayat R Ahmed ’13: After graduation, I sought to understand the elusive nature of HIV and engage in current strategies to search for a cure.